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Welcome to the official website of the companyEjada for translation servicesYour main destination for official and certified multilingual content and translation services And reliable outputs and leading cultural consulting

 teamEjada Translation Services  has a large group of certified translators with extensive experience in the translation field, who have aLanguage up to 130 different languages to provide all kinds of translation in the required languages  around the world We have a professional team specialized in all translation services and based on this great amount of trust from our distinguished clients in the United Arab Emirates  and various foreign markets , we are ready to move forward with It is greater than that to provide the best solutions to our customers. During this march, we have become a language partner for many customers throughout the United Arab Emirates  in addition to the trust of all our customers as a result of the ease and facilitation we provide in dealing

a teamEjada Translation ServicesIt is a company specialized in professional translation, which has proven its efficiency and good reputation through the accumulation of years of work in the field of translation and providing our services to a large number of companies and government agencies in many different fields.


a teamEjada Translation Services We guarantee the quality of work, accuracy, standard time, and satisfactory service to all customers. We are keen to communicate with customers to ensure that the translation meets their needs. We also always strive to develop the services we provide to customers, and we believe that high quality is the best way to maintain  Target clients and good completion of our translation projects

a teamEjada Translation Services Our prices are competitive and fully appropriate to the quality of our services, coinciding with the speed of meeting customer requirements, starting from receiving work and evaluation according to professional standards and foundations, then communicating with the customer and setting the appropriate time for quality work with a commitment to speed in implementation no matter what. The volume and nature of the work, the expertise of our translators, qualifies us to be always ready to complete the clients’ requirements in an optimal manner, going through the stages of executing the work after the client’s approval of the appropriate time and cost to carry out the work, including specialized translation and accurate language review, with a review of the content and its suitability for the culture of the recipient, with full commitment to delivery. On time, competitive services make more relationship

Consolidation between our clients and Ejada Translation 


 we present to you?

Our achievement

Ejadah Translation Services  over 5 years of serving our customers

 Our team consists of qualified translators whose experience enables them to translate any content be it written/official documents, visual presentations or promotional materials.


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