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Certified Translation Services in Dubai

Legal and official documents must always be accompanied by an official translation when they are legally required in the courtroom or by a public authority. The specialist translators who are certified are comprised of certified specialists or publicly appointed translators who will provide themcertified translation services in Dubaifor your documents across a variety of countries of expertise in different languages. Ejada Translation company provides reliable translation services by certified and seasoned translators in Dubai. We have the most skilled and professional team of translators who are always ready to assist you when you need help with documents.


Ejada is an official translation company in Dubai that provides official translations of any document that is legally binding in a different language, which is recognized and accepted by government organizations and official bodies in Dubai. The demand to have certified translators and skilled language experts has significantly increased in Dubai.

With such a current legal strategy and conducive conditions for companies to expand and grow, partnering with a reputed and professional translation firm is essential.

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What is Certified Translation in Dubai 

The majority of people aren't aware of the termcertified translation services in Dubaisince it is mostly heard by individuals who are planning to move from one place to another. Also, for students planning to move overseas to pursue their studies. In these cases, international countries need authenticated translations for all necessary legal documents required for their procedures. In addition, certified translation refers to the translation of the documents that are required along with the signature of the translator or company that makes the declaration of the accuracy and authenticity of the documents. This is the primary necessity for all who plan to move or pursue studies in another country.
Legal and official documents must always be accompanied by an official translation when they are legally required in the courtroom or by a public authority. Our network of specialist translators who are certified is comprised of certified specialists or publicly appointed translators who will translate your documents across a variety of areas of expertise in English in addition to Arabic languages.
If you're looking for a way to have documents certified from the English language to Arabic or reversed if so, you're at the right spot. If you are looking for authenticated translations, their required authenticity must be legally legal and binding. Our licensed and certified translators comply with the legal and official requirements and understand that they meet all requirements ofcertified translation services in Dubaifor the official documents. Therefore, certification is considered proof of authenticity for the translation of your documents.

Certified Translation Services We Provide

A competent translator with exceptional experience accumulated over time can fully adhere to multiple language characteristics, including syntactic, lexical, and practical parts that will enable the message to be conveyed with exactness and genuineness. At Ejada Translation, we ensure our proficient team's knowledge of the technical characteristic and cultural sharpness of each sort of text. Our translations are done by certified translators from Dubai and whose translations are admitted and received by all specialized and government institutions in the UAE such as public notaries, courts, embassies, and ministries.
You'll need acertified translation service in Dubai, if you are a non-native and you are required to submit documents in your native foreign language, to an immigration office, school, or an official court. Also, certified translations are required for business or college admissions. Additionally, certification requirements translate differ from one country to the next because each country has its own laws and regulations and various languages.


Following are the translation services that we provide – 


  1. Licenses and permits

  2. Insurancepolicies

  3. Notice of eviction 

  4. Certificates and affidavits 

  5. Passports 

  6. Driver's license 

  7. Transcripts and diplomas

  8. Trademarks and copyrights 

  9. Court and judicial orders 

  10. Marriage and divorce certificates 

  11. Police clearance certificate

Why Choose Us for Certified Translation Services in Dubai?

Ejada Translation is the leading certified translation firm in the business, offering the highest-quality certified translation quotation per word as well as the most affordable prices for certified translators. At Ejada we require all of our certified translators to pass specific tests in their skills and language before they can begin working with us that requirecertified translation services in Dubai. We train each certified translator to ensure that they are equipped with the highest level of knowledge pertaining to the topic at hand.

We designed our user-friendly website to provide online certified service for translation to customers so that they can get official certified translation online with just a couple of clicks. You can upload your documents to our website to receive an estimate for the certified translation service you want. In comparison with other companies that are certified, Ejada Translation offers certified translation services for a variety of languages. 

Our team of skilled translators manages all the certification requirements and procedures which include obtaining a permit to perform certified translations. Contact us now to find out more about our prices for certified translations and quotations, and then request a no-cost estimate from a certified expert translator! We keep our clients in mind when we set the prices for our services, which is why our certified translation rates will help you maintain the money in your pocket.

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