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10 Facts About Arabic Language

10 Facts About Arabic Language

Arabic is a captivating language. This is incredible that is sustained as one of the very magnetic languages. Though the facts about Arabic language can be still located for many. This is the 5th very spoken language internationally. The more we learn about the essence of distinct cultures and languages, the better we can start to evolve a comprehension. One of the attractive things about languages is that they depict cultures elegantly.

Learning the Arabic language cannot have been a business priority previously, but the world is altering and, post-pandemic, the method we do business and get new possibilities can look most distinct. Rising trading demands in the MENA region can become more strategic and vital for your business in the fortune. In this blog, you will discover some fascinating facts about the Arabic language that you should know.

However, this is very famous in today’s era as well, Arabic was utilized to be the most effective formerly. When Muslims defeated distinct parts of the globe, they controlled distinct cultures. Consequently, different languages have Arabic terms in their wording. There are also some daughter languages, creoles, and pidgins of Arabic. Because of its significance in the Arab world and the economic success of those nations, several people want to learn the language.

Here Know The Facts About Arabic Language

More than 400 million people are believed to communicate Modern Standard Arabic or one of the lingoes of Arabic, and the Arabic language has almost 300 million aboriginal speakers. This is also an official language for several MENA region nations, comprising Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt, and Algeria.

1. The Arabic Alphabet isn’t Alphabet

One of the qualities that make Arabic a tough language to learn is the truth that its writing system does not obey an alphabet but an ajbad. An ajbad is a system in which letters represent consonants rather than vowels, which needs the utilizers of the language to give the vowels utilizing vowel signs.

2. Arabic Forms Words from Basic Roots

Arabic has a complicated and distinctive way of forming words from a general root. It means that a pattern of three letters like K T B, would always stand as the foundation of terms that have the semantic sector of writing. The beauty of Arabic language is that it gives a deep emotion and meaning unpaired, unlike several languages.

3. Other languages Don't have Arabic Sounds

There are several distinctions between English and Arabic language, the very prominent one standing that it’s written from right to left. Some sounds do not exist in other languages. In order to get a thought of how it is pronounced, try breathing on a window pane.

4. English has Several Words of Arabic Origin

It is also one of the interesting facts about Arabic language. English has several words obtained either directly from Arabic or indirectly from words that have joined into Roman languages prior to handing into English words such as algebra, alcohol, cotton, algorithm, and more. Even the number system utilized today was presented to Europeans by Arab migrants.

5. UN Languages: Arabic is One of Them

The United Nations has 6 authorized vocabularies, comprising Arabic. It drives the UN one of the biggest hirers of language experts in the world. The 18th of December is the official celebration day for Arabic, one of the 6 official languages. The date is figurative as on this date in 1973 that Arabic was assumed as the 6th language of the United Nations.

6. Arabic is the British Council’s 4th Significant Language for the UK’s Future

There is a very good reason why we discuss the languages for the future record so much. Any language that comes into the best 10 has high strategic significance to the UK’s future as an international country – and Arabic comes in the 4th spot. In an insecure business world, our international network becomes more significant than ever – and several nations in the MENA sector are suspended for increasing economic hit in financial and technical services, maintaining foreign acquisitions and possibilities.

7. Arabic is Written Right to Left

This is one of the amazing facts about the Arabic language. While several western languages, especially those emanating from the Latin alphabet, are written from left to right, Arabic is written from right to left. No one fully understands why it is the situation, but hypotheses spin around the language shown during a time when writing occurred on stone instead of paper-like parchments.

8. Arabic, Classical, MSA, what’s the Difference?

The Quran was written in what is recognized as Classical Arabic, but this has developed into a more recent form known as Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is utilized in books, newspapers, education, and the media around the globe. There are 30 distinct Arabic Lingoes, most of which are not understandable. MSA permits interaction around cultural and global borders within and out of the MENA region.

9. Arabic is Around 1500 Years Old

The Arabic language is an almost 1500 years old language, it is also one of the must-know facts about Arabic language. Classic Arabic developed in the 6th century, but previous interpretations of the language existed comprising the Safaitic lingo and old Arabic lingo utilized by the former Islamic nomadic residents of the SyroArabian desert during the 1st century.

10. This is a Study in Dialects

Arabic is spoken in twenty-two nations but this is a language of local lingoes. Usually, these lingoes are almost properly unimaginable to each other, although standing in the same terminology. Arabic is supposed of living as a spoken unwritten language for centuries before Islam's birth, which can describe a few of these.

Above we mentioned 10 facts about Arabic language that you have to understand. This language has a different personality. This is interesting to remember that the written language is very distinct from the spoken language. And this potentially gives another challenge for the learners of this language.

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